Monday, January 24, 2022

Alki Lawn Customer Reviews

"We've been using Alki Lawn since we moved to the neighborhood in the summer and Steve has been amazing to work with! He checks our lawn weekly to see if it needs a trim and mows as needed. He also planted daffodils and tulip bulbs right before the start of the rainy season, so we'll have flowers for Spring. Highly recommend!!" Diana S.


"Steve is very dependable, thorough and communicative! Always goes above and beyond and maintains a great rate!" Chris J.


"I have had a number of opportunities to enlist the aid of Alki Lawn and have not been disappointed. The services included pruning various shrubs and trees, transplanting, and answering my multiple questions. Steve has also made return trips to do fine-tuning to a job, if he feels it necessary, at no extra charge.

He is very professional, punctual, conscientious and leaves the yard tidy.

I recommend him wholeheartedly."  J. Paulson


"Greetings, we have used Alki Lawn for a couple years. Steve does an incredible job. He uses battery powered equipment. No smelly 2-cycle engines here! His attention to detail is fantastic. Our yard looks like a park and our dog loves him too. We like to support local West Seattle businesses and hope you do too. You are in good hands with Alki Lawn." Tim D.

Sunday, January 23, 2022

Alki Lawn, All About Us

Our Service
Steve & Sally live in the Alki neighborhood of West Seattle. Alki Lawn is WA State licensed and commercially insured. We keep your lawn, flower beds and shrubs maintained and looking great all season long!

While many outfits mow lawns in our market, we found it difficult to find a provider who mowed lawns and also serviced the entire yard--the seasonal planting, Fall bulbs and starts, as well as ongoing maintenance of flower beds, shrubs, gardens, and small trees, etc. That's the reason Alki Lawn has evolved to be a full-service lawn mowing, yard and gardens upkeep service.

Alki Lawn provides very personalized, all-season lawn and garden-care for a small group of residential clients in Alki and its surrounding West Seattle neighborhoods. You receive the same TLC and attention to detail in your yard that Steve and Sally give to their own lawn, flower beds and gardens

Alki Lawn's Total Yard and Gardens Upkeep
Alki Lawn takes a look at your yard once per week. If your lawn has grown enough since the previous service visit, we mow your lawn that week. Mowing is billed at a set rate when your mowing service actually occurs.

Flower beds, shrubs, and related upkeep tasks such as weeding, planting, dead-heading, etc. likely require 30-60 minutes (per agreed max labor time per week) of ongoing weekly maintenance during the growing season. Such non-mowing tasks are done at an hourly rate.

Larger jobs and seasonal upkeep requiring more time to complete are discussed and agreed upon prior to Alki Lawn doing the work. Great communication and agreement are key. You will have no billing surprises from us!

Mowing-Only and One-Time Service Requests
Alki Lawn does not provide mowing-only service. We also do not schedule periodic mowing and or one-time yard upkeep service requests. Please consider allowing Alki Lawn's specialized TLC service to keep your entire yard looking great all season long!

Payment for Service Visits
Alki Lawn clients pay at the time service is performed. Just like you might pay Amazon or buy from a food-truck, we immediately bill your credit card on file. (Sorry; no Amex accepted at this time.)

Our financial services and payments processing company is owned by H&R Block. Your credit card data is given the same care and respect we expect of our own.

Payment Transaction Notice & Receipt
We send an email notice to clients with credit card transaction details and a summary of Alki Lawn services performed at the time of each payment.

Contractor Grade, Cordless, Power Equipment
In addition to our muscle-powered hand tools, Alki Lawn's power-equipment is quieter, contractor-grade 80-volt battery powered. This includes our mulching lawn mower, power blower, string edge trimmer, hedge clippers, garden cultivator/tiller, and chain saw. Alki Lawn uses NO fossil fuels in the direct care and maintenance of your lawn, yard and gardens.

Alki Lawn mows your lawn with an 80-volt commercial-grade mulching mower. Edging and power-sweeping your solid-surface walks, patio and drive are done as needed with no extra charge.

Our mower returns those tasty, cut grass-bits of natural lawn food directly back to your yard's soil. But we're happy to bag the grass-clippings and discard them in either your own yard-waste bin or onto your composting, mulch-pile if you prefer.

Likewise, we will dispose of your flower bed and garden clippings to your yard waste bin, or we'll compost them in your composter or mulch pile.

Alki Lawn is happy to help get you started if composting is new to you. We like the idea of your garden cuttings going straight back into your own soil rather than your local garden store selling the same material back to you later as bags of topsoil. 😃

Alki Lawn maintains an 'all-natural' approach toward running our West Seattle yard and lawn care service operations. It's how we respect your yard and our environment as best we can.

Scope of Our Yard and Garden Bed Services
A good rule of thumb to consider is this:  if your ongoing yard and garden care and seasonal tasks such as weeding, trimming, pruning, clipping, dead-heading, and mulching, etc. generate an amount of garden waste which fits easily into your yard waste bin during one week's use, those are likely the sort of tasks which Alki Lawn handles on an ongoing, year-round basis.

Larger-scale yard work such as laurel hedge maintenance, sod installs, lawn aeration, and large tree work require the services and "haul-away" yard waste capabilities offered by the big boys and girls landscaping outfits. They are not us! Those folks are easily recognizable by their large work crews and multiple big toys such as trucks, chipper shredders, and trailers.

Service Excellence & Your Satisfaction
It is my joy to serve and to satisfy every Alki Lawn client with a job well done. I'll do what it takes to achieve that same satisfaction for you, or I'll respectfully refund your payment.

Please text or give me a call (2O6-659-7O18) and let's get you started with Alki Lawn today.

Thank you!

Steve Wharton
(206) 659-7O18 voice or text
Steve(at)AlkiLawn (dot)com

63rd Ave SW
West Seattle, WA 98116

Friday, January 21, 2022

About Steve

Steve and Sally have lived in the Alki neighborhood of West Seattle for over ten years. As the result of a corp-relocation, Steve first moved to the Seattle-area in 1989. He has always enjoyed working outdoors and taking care of lawns and gardens.

Steve is the family MBA (Go Lutes!) behind Alki Lawn. He enjoys interacting with people and getting his hands dirty with the day-to-day service operations.

From the age of eleven, Steve was doing seasonal and yard work for many of his childhood morning paper route customers. His yard and gardening mentors were like surrogate grandparents. They nurtured him while sharing their knowledge and love of all-things gardening and lawn care.

Steve did similar work in high school and during his self-supported, work-through-college years. He was even a reforesting contractor planting pine tree seedlings in the hills of the North Carolina Piedmont.

More recently, Steve has focused on our yard. You may have talked with him out front while he built our surrounding 8-foot tall fence and trellis? This is very likely if you’re walking a dog! Maybe Steve has said, "hello" while working in our front beds of cascading, blue-flowering Lithodora diffusa for his beloved bumble bees.

Steve has created a beautiful lawn and yard. A variety of garden beds and elevations with native plants provide for the year-round benefit of our birds and pollinators.

With his gardening and lawn care background, a joy for serving people, and his passion for nature and for being outdoors, Alki Lawn is a natural fit. Steve cares deeply about quality and excellent, personalized service.

You will experience the same quality, attention-to-detail, and care in the yard and lawn mowing service visits Steve completes for you on behalf of our West Seattle lawn care and yard maintenance service, Alki Lawn.